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We’re now have 400 members working together to provide the best Thai rice to consumers around the world


We have overtime pay for our members who work hard. Average overtime in our team is 3 hours a day


We have overtime pay for our members who work hard. Average overtime in our team is 3 hours a day

Years old

In our team, we have both young blood with fresh idea and senior with rich experiences


Almost of our members once they come to work with us, they stay over 10 years

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Year old

Before I have joined the agricultural industry, i thought that there are not so many technologies that can incorporate with this type of industry But when I already got an IT Manager position for this organization, it’s not what I thought According to the manager vision that concern on the technologies, so that give me the opportunity to use all my experiences and creativity.In order to bring new technologies and innovation to collaborate in the organization. That’s made me feel challenging and want to improve myself consistently

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Year old

The first day that I became a part of rice export industry, I thought that there are not much challenging things for me. But when i have talked and known the organization and all the managers. I can say proudly that I’m not make the wrong decision.This past 18 years that i have working here, I have many opportunities to learn and grow. it makes 18 years went so fast. In other companies, the managers may only order and decide everything by themselves.But here no matter which position are you in, you still can present and discuss about your idea

Quality Check


Year old

I feel so lucky that I have an opportunities to work with many high standard companies and use all my knowledge and capabilities for the challenging work. The organization have great stability, harmony, and friendly.

Available Position


1. Maintain good relationship with clients and manage order from clients.
2. Plan and manage sales promotion
3. Take care of sales of assigned countries or zone. Manage purchase order which sent from client by Fax, E-mail or calls.
4. Coordinate with Sales Admin to create Purchase order confirmation letter. Inform shipment schedule to client and coordinate with Sales Admin (within 24 hours)
4. Well coordinate with client. Inform price, shipment schedule, claims to clients, payment follow up
5. Provide client with products information and promotion
8. Summarize monthly/yearly sales report. Take care of assigned target and manage Sale Support team to achieve work plan

Employee status:



◆Bachelor degree
◆Have experiences in Sales field or International marketing field
◆English or Chinese communication skill

Working hours:




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